Court grants alleged Dixie Boys gang leader R3000 bail in rape, murder case


A SUSPECTED gang leader, arrested in connection with the murder of a girl he had allegedly raped, has been granted R3000 bail. Garron Stewart Potts, 31, alleged leader of the Dixie Boys and the 26′s in Eerste River who is charged with murder and attempted murder, appeared in a bail application hearing yesterday. The rape and murder victim, Es-Louis Sharonio Linnert, 16, of Eerste River, had just left the witness protection programme when she was gunned down last month. The State alleges that Linnert had been at a friend’s home with her aunt, Evelyn Linnert, when Ian Thompson, known as “Eandtjie”, came to inquire about her. He had apparently wanted to know if Khevenity Mitchell, know as “Debill”, had found them. Linnert and her aunt knew both men allegedly belonged to the Dixies. They tried to run away, but the men caught up with them in Palmiet Way. Mitchell, who had a gun in his hand, went to grab Linnert, but when her aunt approached, allegedly shot her in the neck. After hearing two shots and seeing that Linnert had been hit, her aunt jumped up and ran. She is expected to testify in court when the trial begins. Now Mitchell and Thompson are also facing charges of murder and attempted murder. Linnert, who was the only witness set to testify in the rape case against Potts, was 14 at the time of the attack. Opposing bail, State advocate Reuben Matshoba, argued that Potts, who had four convictions and 10 cases pending, had orchestrated the murder. Matshoba also warned that Potts might interfere with witnesses in the case, as he had allegedly “silenced” Linnert. But Potts’s attorneys, Josua Greeff, said the State’s case against his client, who was not a flight risk, was not strong. The State relied on one witness who claimed to have been present when Potts made a deal with mitchell and Thomspon to murder Linnert. Potts was granted R3000 bail and warned to appear on June 8.

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