Najwa: Diamond story not a lie


Cape Town – Najwa Petersen on trial in the Cape High Court for the murder of her show business husband, Taliep on Monday denied that her story about giving a close friend polished diamonds to sell for her on the black market was a fabrication. Petersen has told the court how she assisted her friend Fahiem Hendriks with loans for as much as R10 000 or more and once by giving him valuable polished diamonds to sell for her on the black market. Prosecutor Shareen Riley reminded her of Hendriks’ evidence earlier that the diamond story was a fabrication. Attorney fee She replied: “That’s what he says.” Riley questioned her about R20 000 she had given to Hendriks (not a loan). Petersen said Hendriks had wanted to consult an attorney and wanted the attorney to accompany him during police questioning concerning the murder. She told the court: “The lawyer wanted R20 000 for him to be present during questioning.” She said it was because of her he was being questioned. She said the money was given by her father. Asked by presiding Judge Siraj Desai why she (or her father) had paid for Hendriks to consult a lawyer, she said it was because Hendriks did not have any money himself. The Judge persisted: “But why did you pay the money?” Locked in room with phone She said she thought R20 000 was a fair sum for what the lawyer was expected to do. Petersen said Hendriks had covered for her about the diamond story, because both he and she were under the mistaken impression that the diamond transaction had been illegal. Petersen said she “did not think of it that way” when asked if she had not considered it strange for the two intruders in her home to lock her into a bedroom that had a landline telephone. Petersen said she had received R30 000 insurance money for her husband’s wrist watch and ring that were stolen during the robbery on the night he was shot dead. She said the watch and ring had not been covered by insurance, but she had nevertheless included them on the insurance list of items stolen from the house. The case continues on Tuesday.

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