Najwa still under cross-examination


Reporter: SAPA

Najwa Petersen told the Cape High Court on Thursday of her shock when police came to her home to question her the day after she allegedly shot dead her famous husband, musician Taliep Petersen. Petersen claims that she was asleep in her bed when two intruders entered into her home, one of whom stormed into her bedroom and pressing a gun against her head demanded money. She said she was later locked in her bedroom, when she heard a shot being fired. Najwa and three co-accused are on trial for the murder before Judge Siraj Desai. She denied she had any part in the murder at all. On cross examination by prosecutor Shereen Riley, she described the police’s questioning to the court. She said the questioning took about an hour and that the investigating officer who handled the questioning wrote down everything she said. She said it was not explained to her why she was being questioned, but she was asked during the questioning about the happening the night before, when her husband was shot dead. Asked if she felt like a suspect or a witness during the questioning, she replied: “I don’t know how I felt, I was shocked and traumatised.” Riley asked why during the questioning she had informed the investigating officer about her medical history. Riley wanted to know what relevance her medical history had. She said she could not remember. Riley asked her why she told the police about her suicide attempt. She replied: “I don’t know if i spoke about my attempted suicide in conversations, or whether I was questioned about it. I can’t remember, I don’t know.” The hearing continues.

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