Toyota trio in dock


by Shellee Geduld

THREE men cops say are part of a car theft syndicate specialising in Toyotas have appeared in court. Craig Gordon from Lavender Hill, Emilio Isaacs from Seawins and Patrick Calvert from Ottery appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court yesterday where they face charges of theft of motor vehicles. The charge relate to three separate incidents where the men allegedlly stole cars that had been placed on “order”. According to documents before court, the three were bust thanks to an undercover police operation that began on May 24. They allegedly only stole Toyota Tazz vehicles because there was a large market for the cars and they were easy to re-sell. Calvert, 33, and Isaacs, 24, were arrested on June 22, about a month afte police began their surveillance of the group. Gordon, 33, was arrested two days later after allegedly handing himself over to cops. He is the only one of the trio to be released on bail. Yesterday, Prosecutor Nico Breyl told Magistrate Hafiza Mohamed that cops had wrapped up their investigation and were ready to proceed with the trial.

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