Khan’s a hot reason to stay in handcuffs


Reporter: Shellee Geduld

Najwa Petersen shares centre-stage with her sexy young lawyer. Reaz Khan’s smouldering good looks have scored many admirers during his client’s murder trial. Smartly dressed in expensive suits with neatly gelled hair, Khan is often spotted in earnest discussions with Najwa before court proceedings. Yesterday Khan was wearing a black gown and white bib when he spoke on behalf of Najwa. And there was consensus among many of the women at court that the wardrobe change suited him. One reporter whispered: “His hotness factor just shot up 10 notches in my book.” But Khan had to prove he was more than a pretty face when trial judge Siraj Desai attacked him for delays. But the young lawyer held his own and the case was eventually postponed till today.

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