Vigilante killers face non-jail sentences


MEETINGS need to be facilitated between the relatives of a man kidnapped and murdered by social activist Angy Peter and her three co-accused, before court proceedings continue. Peter, her husband Isaac Mbadu and co-accused Azola Dayimani and Christopher Dina appeared in the Western Cape High Court yesterday. Their matter was postponed for futher discussions to be facilitated by a judicial programme in which the four have been participating. The group, who were found guilty of murder after a vigilante killing of Rowan du Preez nearly three years ago, are currently involved in the early stages of a restorative justice programme ahead of their sentencing. Yesterday, the court heard that the couple has yet to arrange a meeting with Du Preez’s relatives. Peter, who is a prominent member of the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), and her co-accused were convicted in October. Du Preez, who was found necklaced in Mfuleni in October 2012 and died in hospital later, was alleged to have stolen a TV belonging to Peter. Judge Robert Henney found the murder was premeditated and that the four had acted in common purpose. Since the judgement, a process of restorative justice was set in motion where “victims and perpetrators” discuss the issues to reach a resolution. If successful, the four could en up with non-custodial sentences. Yesterday, while the State said there were complications in setting up the meeting between Peter, Mbadu and du Preez’s relatives, the defence argued that there was “no difficulty” and that the process was “taking a little longer than anticipated”. The matter is set to continue today.

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