Dagga Dylan set free

Daily Voice

Reporter: Warda Salvester

BABY Jordan’s uncle yesterday got a slap on the wrist after being bust with dagga. Dylan Norton, 19, wa arrested fro possession of drugs on December 16. He spent a night in the cells at Cape Town Police Station after cops found the weed in his car. Yesterday, the teenager arrived at court looking very nervous. Minutes later he breathed a sigh of relief after a deal was struck with prosecutors and the charge against him was withdrawn. His lawyer Reaz Khan says Dylan will be required to do community service. “I cannot at this point say what his punishmet would entail,” he adds. “Dylan has to contact NICRO before Friday to find out what form of community service he will be required to do.” Dylan was accompanied by his dad Vernon Norton in court. And they upheld the Norton family tradition of dressing smartly. Both wore striped shirts – Vernon chose candy-pink stripes and Dylan decided on green stripes. Dylan and his family have been through a trying time after the brutal murder of sister Natasha’s six-month-old baby Jordan-Leigh in June 2005. Dina Rodrigues, an ex-girlfriend of the baby’s father Neil Wilson, has been charged with the murder. Prosecutors say Dina, 25, hired four men to kill the blue-eyed baby. Dylan found Baby Jordan bleeding to death under a pillow.

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